Edanticonf debuts on Cinematic!

Cat No – CINMV12006
Format – 12” vinyl
Release Date – 19th Jan’15

Cinematic Recordings is proud to offer up a debut to accomplished live artist and organic sonic landscaper Edanticonf with its next EP.

Born Edoardo Zerbinati, Italian Edanticonf has been active since 2010, releasing journeying, evocative techno EPs and a fine full length on labels like M_REC LTD, Eclipsemusic and the much loved Silent Season label.

EP opener ‘Siren’ is a clean and crisp, melodically rich and musically enchanting bit of prime Planet E era techno. It’s a perfectly produced, widescreen bit of sound that places you right at the better as all sorts of celestial pads and melodies colour the expansive sonic skies above: as such it really is an experience and a journey.

‘Mermaid’ is buried a little deeper, emerging from warm, rubbery drums to offer up trance-inducing chords that stream uninterrupted from start to finish. Nebulous melodies also swirl below, soothing mind, body and soul as they go and reminding you just how breath-taking techno can be in the right hands.

Lastly comes ‘Syrizo’, another spine tingling, head turning bit of supine techno that is riddled with rich and rounded melodies that glow like fire flies in a dark night sky. Pads as harmonic, bliss and beautiful as this don’t come along too often, which is a shame, because the effect of them is truly mesmeric.

With this EP, both Cinematic and Edanticonf continue in their mission to offer up classy techno sounds that work on your heart as much as your heel, and as such excel together as a result.

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