Jared Wilson steps up for our final CINEMATICPOD in 2013


CINEMATICPOD 018 – JARED WILSON by Cinematiclabel on Mixcloud

As we close out the year at Cinematic we reflect on how Electronic music has evolved and come back around in a cyclical process where yesteryear trends become new again.

DJ’s and producers have been finding new ways to use analogue gear in the digital age adding some authenticity to the fold. It’s with pleasure we welcome US native Jared Wilson to feature in our next CINEMATICPOD.

Jared has been trailblazing the use of Acid sounds on his 7777 label for a good number of years and more recently has seen his raw slice of techno grace labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Dolly.

Our final CINEMATICPOD 018 in 2013 is with our friend Jared Wilson…enjoy!


1.Fisherman – Torments- Skudge
2.Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch of 10 – Plus 8
3.Doublet – Discovered Night – Holic Trax
4.Reference – Best Night In Detroit – Planet E
5.Talismann – Mars Wars – Talismann 003
6.Perc & Truss – Broken – PTL002
7.Jeroen Search – The Future is Ours – Figure Spc
8.DaSampla – Good & Easy – PBX -2-96
9.Dorisburg – Smuts – Boss Musik
10.Marco Shuttle – Dontuwant – S.O.S.4
11.Neville Watson – Crossing the I’s – Don’t Be Afraid
12.Northern Lake – Moonwalker – Phonica Records
13.Sei A – I’ll Take You There – AUS
14.Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Marlboro Light (GW Remix) – KVKR100
15.Jared Wilson – Best Game – Cinematic < Forthcoming 2014 16.Inland Knights - Slummin' It - RBCRDV1 17.Karl O'Connor & Peter Sutton & Ian J. Richardson - Absolute - Downwards

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